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  2. Ally, we are so appreciative of your effort to inform the public of the improprieties and lack of concern within the PCTAC. I told you that you are a “Rock Star’. That is how you are viewed by your constituents. When a person of your integrity appear on the horizon, we can only hope you continue to climb the ladder of opportunity to rise above the hypocrisy of the left, and the progressive liberals.
    Your name comes up often in conversations within the community, and so does the name of UpChuck Huckelberry. But – – not for the same reason. The respect and admiration you enjoy with the public, could only be a dream for him. He will never know the admiration that is afforded. you.

    God Bless and Keep you in His loving arms,

    Tom Krizman, General Manager
    Green Valley Airport Connection

  3. Kevin Kirkeeng

    Keep up the fight Ally! We need more of you to put a stop to corrupt, self serving administrators and board supervisors like Huckleberry. The price to live in Pima Co is way too high for the quality of services the county delivers. Sorry I missed the meeting. Maybe next time. The Pima County cluster has gone on way too long.

  4. Kevin Kirkeeng

    PS – The louder Huckleberry speaks and more frustrated he gets, is how you know The steps you’re taking are right on track.

  5. Ally Miller, good for you.

    Chuck Huckelberry, please place a higher priority on funding county road repairs than on adding soccer fields and recreational facilities.

    We ALL use the roads.

  6. Linda Johnson

    Hi Ally:

    I’m a friend of Geri’s. I moved to Oregon, but keep informed about Huckelberry’s continued apparent atrocities like overspending with taxpayer’s money, and serving his cronies and the privileged, while leaving many roads with huge potholes to others. I clearly remember!

    One of the worst, cruel things HE “orchestrated”, was fixing it so that my friend, a handicapped older lady who disagreed with him, couldn’t park close to the meeting site downtown.

    I’m always glad to get your newsletters, Linda Johnson

  7. Nancy Gibbons

    Thank you for being guilty of ‘orchestrating’ the meeting and I trust you will continue to ‘orchestrate.’

  8. Pat Staples

    Thank you Ally as residents should be informed about public meetings. Our Federal Government is bad enough but our County residents and supervisors should have respect from it’s Supervisors and Mr. Huckelberry. How very wrong of him to chastise you and your volunteers.

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