Supervisor Ally Miller’s Alternative Budget Plan

I encourage you to take a look at my Alternate Budget Proposal.  Through budget reallocation, I was able to identify over $31 MILLION in the FY 2018-19 budget that can be used to fund our critical road repairs.  

  • ​Institute “efficiency improvement goals” in all departments and hold departments responsible for managing and meeting these goals
  • Immediate hiring freeze in all departments
  • Reduce Communications Department budget by 50% from $2.2M to $1.13M
  • Reduce Kino Stadium District expenses by $42,415.70
  • Reduce Kino Sports Complex capital project of $10,959,514 (postpone improvements while we focus on the roads)

The good news is that by reallocating these funds, we are able to allocate $2M to the Sheriff’s Department to meet the Pima County Deputy Association request of an additional $1.8M to meet the goals of the Step Program.

The balance of $29,407,393.07 would be allocated to the Department of Transportation for road repairs.  Along with these monies, Miller proposes reducing the operations budget of the Department of Transportation by 20% ($8.6M) and move these monies to fund road repairs.  This will provide an additional $38M for road repairs in the next fiscal year!