Supervisor Ally Miller’s “Fix Our Roads” Plan

In late 2015, I released my plan to “Fix Our Roads.” The intent of my plan was to serve as a preliminary framework to commence discussion on how we can develop a workable solution to fix our roads.  Many of the elements in my plan, such as requesting reauthorization of the RTA, have surfaced in other Supervisor’s plans.  This has led me to believe that if we work together, we can “Fix Our Roads” without increasing taxes.

How can you participate in the “Fix Our Roads” program?  I encourage each one of you to attend the June 19, 2018 Board of Supervisors’ meeting and observe the Supervisors at work in  determining the FY 2018-19 final budget adoption.  This is where you will hear first-hand the Supervisors discuss how we can fund the “Fix Our Roads” program.

We have the funds to fix our roads … we just need to make the “Fix Our Roads” program a top priority!

Click here to read Miller’s proposal to:  FIX OUR ROADS! 

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